All The Same Dream

Artist : Kyo with Jeuru
Label : Posh Isolation
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
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Regular edition in black vinyl

'All The Same Dream' is the third album from KYO, the enigmatic product of Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin's compact. For this record they have collaborated with American vocalist Jeuru, a recent recruit into the city of Copenhagen. KYO's previous records are breathtaking instrumental works, and they have steadily earned the group praise on their own terms. Having dreamt of a quiet future on their last album 'I Musik', Norrvide and Valentin went on to present KYO live. Though always able to express a wealth of emotion, their delicately rendered stillness has perhaps learnt something from the immediacy of presenting the work in this way. 'Vi Byder Sommeren Ind / Vi Tackar För Sommaren', their recent live cassette, captures this in their duet form. Collaborating with Jeuru takes this exploration a step further and into territory hitherto uncharted in previous recordings. Jeuru's vocals stray from spoken word trysts to heartfelt cries and introspective sighs. Love's locks circle with each move and we ride along. The casually diaristic lyrics and the often conversational tone brings a very real immediacy into Norrvide and Valentin's world, gracefully illuminating its architecture and revealing the great forms all around. KYO's music always departed for freedom and arrived there promptly. Jeuru gives us a telescope, and with intimacy we explore. The fine blend of electronics and acoustic instruments is carefully balanced on 'All The Same Dream'. Everything shimmers, turning us one way and then losing us the next, matching the vocals in a persistent sense of opportunity. Brilliantly pitched moments of abrasive electronics are a warm welcome, immersing us in a different time zone from that of the rhythmic pieces that lead us into a chilled metropolis. It feels like we've been walking these streets forever, from club to club, from scene to scene, but there's never enough time to dream between destinations.

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