After The Storm

Artist : Tenderlonious
Label : 22a
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2020
Genre : Nu Jazz Jazz
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Regular edition in Black vinyl
Tenderlonious returns with a brand new 4 track EP, seamlessly cooking up a blend of hybrid house and broken beat with his unique analogue productions and signature flute instrumentation. The title track ’After The Storm’ picks up where 2019 album ’Hard Rain’ left off (Bandcamp's electronic albums of 2019) - a stormy, atmospheric 4/4 groove, with flute flurries, build the track to a state of euphoria. The EP continues with G Flex, a tune dedicated to Tender’s mentor Sterling Styles, aka Equinox (Scientific Wax). Broken drum machine loops are brought to life by classic Tender flute and synth solos. Fans of his 2016 ’On Flute’ EP will be feeling this one! ’D Low’ is the 22a squad pick on this cut. Deep house vibes, with a classic London soundsystem style hook, shaking bass lines and twisted synths. ’Broken Heart’s Club’ rounds things up, and may sound familiar to 22a heads. Beefy broken drum machines take centre stage, making way for some more synth magic from Tender’s vast array of hardware. First time on vinyl for a track that’s been doing the rounds for a couple of years!

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