Elder Mantis

  • Brand: Black Taffy
  • Product Code: BlackTaffy–ElderMantis
Artist : Black Taffy
Label : Leaving Records
Format : LP - Black Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
  • EUR


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Regular edition in black vinyl

Black Taffy (Donovan Jones) is aDallas-based composer and performerwhose current focus lies in pairingambient music with large bass andpercussion.The first born son of Pentecostal musicministers, Donovan grew up witnessingthe power music has to induce tranceand encourage spiritual awakening.Eventually drawing parallels betweenchristianity, voodoo, and the occult,Jones left the former to immerse himself inthe latter.Sometimes performing withonly Vibraphone and cassette decks, hefrequently employs the use of tapeloops and other antiquated mediums tocreate pillowy worlds of wow andflutter.

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