Label : Season Of Mist
Format : LP - Colored Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2018
Genre : Post Rock Dark
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Limited Edition in White Vinyl. Limited to 600copies

The light and dark duality is explored throughout Nowhere. Significantly, the album concludes with “Darkness (I am Here Too)” thereby affirming the light and dark coaction. The track rips open with immediate intensity, unlike “A Desire for Light” which systematically builds its fury. Disavowing the dreaminess of the album’s opener, “Darkness (I am Here Too)” is all-encompassing yet otherworldly. Sounding as if she is summoning a deviation, Davies cries out, “Don’t gear your eyes / Don’t look away / Face me, come towards.” An added distortion on the lyrics “(I Too Am Here)”. Considering the two track’s together, Esben and the Witch adroitly exhibit the interconnection between light and dark. Rather than repel each other, “A Desire for Light” and “Darkness (I am Here Too)” magnetize. Together, “A Desire for Light” and “Darkness (I am Here Too)” render the album’s unity and balance.

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