La Terra

  • Brand: Aktuala
  • Product Code: aktuala-laterra
Artist : Aktuala
Label : GDR
Format : LP - Green Vinyl
Condition : New
Released : 2019
Genre : Prog Experimental
  • EUR


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Pressed on 180 Gram Colored Green vinyl. Reissue & Remastered.

Following the same path as Third Ear Band in England, Embryo or Gruppe Between (and even Limbus 4, Kalacakra and Popol Vuh), Aktuala tried to mix together the western musical tradition with african and asian instruments, rhythms, cultures and avant-garde forms, creating a pioneering new form of music that went beyond anything heard before. La Terra encounters Aktuala at their best, spinning a music which defies location, genre, and time. Wild sections are pregnant with references to North African ecstatic musics and the ancient traditions of India, played against gentler passages of meditative, repetitive guitar, hand percussion and flute, before rocketing into a hard blown fire which darts around the edges of free jazz and an unleashed imagining of European folk. Immersive, fierce, and visionary, La Terra presents a fascinating parallel to similar gestures made on the other side of Europe by projects like the Third Ear Band and Gong, pulling the rug from beneath the accepted truths relating the adventurous highs of music during the first half of the 1970s. A rollicking preamble to the territories that would be further developed within Walter Maioli in his projects Amazonia 6891 and Futuro Antico Gruppo, as well as the roughly concurrent Gruppo Afro Mediterraneo, this is a record that has it all. Thrilling to ear from start to finish, and historically significant as they come. The ground zero from which so much sprang, and the absolutely essential key to understanding what makes Italian Minimalism so unique. "Their blissed, blasted and acutely attuned acoustic astral excursions tapping a vein of tranquil psychedelic knowing thats poised between the ethno-tripping end of the krautrock spectrum ala Embryo, Between and Agitation Free's Malesch and the exploratory acoustic probings of American outfits like Entourage Music and Theater Ensemble, Arica and Seventh Sons

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